Rescue. Put out or limit the fire. Call 112.
Safetyguide 2014-04-01
The Safetyguide is translated into nine different languages. In the Pdf-booklet you will find information how to prevent dangerous situations in your daily life, what to do in emergencies and where to get additional information.


  • The weather has been dry and warm for a long while. The terrain is very dry, and fires catch easily. A forest fire warning is in force almost throughout Finland. According to the Rescue Act (379/2011), this means that campfires or other open fires may not be lit. The Rescue Departments request that everyone take care to prevent wildfires.
  • On Sunday 11th of February a national emergency number theme day is celebrated in Finland and in whole Europe. Also our Rescue Department will arrange many 112 Day events. Welcome!
  • Fireworks safety
    Fireworks are on sale between 27.12.2017 and New Year’s Eve. You can use fireworks 31.12.2017 from 6pm. to 2am (between 18.00-02.00 on New Year's Eve).

The area of Fire and Rescue Services

By clicking the municipality on the map you will find the information about our fire stations.


The mission of the Länsi-Uusimaa Department for Rescue Services is to take care of the safety of citizens, companies and communities in the area of Fire and Rescue Services.