Emergency medical service units

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The Länsi-Uusimaa rescue department operates as part of the tiered EMS system. The purpose of the system is to provide at any given time sufficient research and care to the patient. The rescue department’s units are scattered within the area of operations so that help reaches the destination as quickly as possible. The units are on standby 24 hours a day and 7 days a week everyday of the year.

The First response unit is an emergency truck with personnel trained in first response operations and equipment required to examine and treat the patient. A unit of contracted fire brigades that are certified for first response operations can also be sent to the site. ‘First response’ refers to the first unit to reach the patient in emergency, to give first aid and to assess the situation. In addition to the first response unit, the EMS unit is also always dispatched to the site of the accident.

Basic level EMS unit´s personnel have the sufficient capabilities to monitor the condition and take care of the patient. If necessary the personal are able to perform simple actions to save someone’s life. The treatment is carried out with the instructions of the medic in charge.

Treatment level EMS unit´s personnel are prepared to treat the emergency patient with intensive care. Paramedics carry out the treatment of the patient according to the instructions given by the paramedic in charge. In addition to a first response unit, on the basis of an ERC notification, a paramedic-level care unit is always dispatched to an emergency site in case of a life threatening condition.

Field management unit´s personnel are prepared to give intensive care to an emergency patient. The unit in charge supervises and directs the primary care activities in the area. The unit does not transport patients.

The physician-staffed HEMS helicopter FinnHEMS

The EMS units receive an alarm from the emergency response centre where a risk evaluation is conducted so that the personnel can assess the amount of help a patient needs.

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