Public events

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It is the responsibility of the organizer of the event to ensure that the event is designed and executed in such a way, that the public can safely participate and that the arrangements are working, even if something unexpected happens. Accidents can be prevented by being precautionary. Good plans help also, if something unfortunate happens.

Among other things, there is a need to ensure that aid is quickly accessed and that the public can leave the event safely. Instructions and forms have been compiled on to help the organizer in preparation of the event. Forms found on will be e-mailed to

As defined in the Assembly Act (530/1999) the term public event means events, competitions, shows and other similar events, which are not considered as general meetings.

If participation in an event requires the invitation of, or membership of a particular community, the provisions of the Assembly Act on the public will apply unless the event cannot be considered private, due to the number of participants, the nature of the event or other special reasons.

There are many parties overseeing the organizing of a public event. The organizer of the event must, if necessary apply for multiple permits from various authorities, such as the police.

The Western Uusimaa Police, the Western Uusimaa Rescue Service and the City of Espoo have prepared a joint guide (in Finnish) for the organizers of the public events.

If fireworks or pyrotechnical effects are being used in the public event, the Police and the Rescue Services must be notified accordingly.

Please note, that if a public event involves a temporary accommodation, the temporary accommodation guidelines must be followed.

Most of the surveillance work carried out by the rescue service will be chargeable as of 1st of January 2013. There is a charge for the fire inspection of the public event at the rate (in Finnish) set by the Rescue Board.

For more information:

Fire inspector on duty, weekdays 9am to 11.30am, tel. (09) 8162 6815.

Summer festival.

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