Top 10 tips

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  • Identify the risks at your home.
  • Prevent accidents and fires beforehand.
  • Be prepared for accidents and fire.
  • Act safely at home and also in leisure time activities.
  • Learn first aid and first extinguishing skills.
  • A clean home is a safe home.

Top 10 tips to make your home a safe home

1. Fit a smoke alarm and check it regularly.
2. Make a fire action plan so that everyone in your house knows how to escape in the event of fire.
3. Take care in the kitchen! Don't cook if you're affected by alcohol. Stay in the kitchen while you are cooking. Don’t place anything that can catch fire on your stovetop. 
4. Never leave lit candles unattended.
5. Ensure cigarettes are stubbed out and disposed of carefully.
6. Never smoke in bed.
7. Keep matches and lighters away from children.
8. Keep clothing away from heating appliances, don't dry any clothes above a sauna heater.
9. Remove dust from electrical appliances regularly. Check that air can circulate freely around them to allow them to cool. Don't use defective appliances.
10. Take special care when you are tired or when you've been drinking.

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