For seniors

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Housing needs change with age and health. The stairs and high doorsteps can become an obstacle in every day as the ability to move or the vision deteriorates. It is worth thinking about the necessary changes to the home before the difficulties arise.

Likewise, consider the safety issues beforehand. Can you get out quickly and safely in the event of a fire? Would it be wise to purchase a stove with automatic switch off in case you accidentally forget to turn it off? Should you change a smoke alarm to the one that has a battery department one a wall, so you do not need to climb a ladder to change the batteries?

A tidy and unhindered home is safe for all ages. Seniors can be an example for younger generations for safe home solutions. Safety is taking small precautions every day!

Published 2019-02-20 15:30 , updated 2019-02-20 15:30

  • Fire safety, 
  • Public safety
Target group:
  • Seniors