Rescue Department exercises in Suvela, Espoo

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2019-03-29 14:38

Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department will be conducting fire extinguishing and rescue exercises in an apartment block on 2–5 April, 9–12 April and 23–24 April 2019 in the Kirstinharju area of Suvela, Espoo. The exercises take place between approximately 9 am and 4 pm. The exercises on 25-26 April have been cancelled due to the weather conditions that might cause the smoke to be disturbing to the neighbourhood. Rescue Department thanks the neighbours for their patience and apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the exercises.

As a result, there will be several rescue department vehicles in the area on those days, and some of the exercises may give rise to smoke in the immediate area. Residents in the area are advised to keep windows closed during the exercises to keep out smoke. People in or passing through the area in question on the aforementioned dates are asked to avoid the area where the rescue exercises are being carried while the exercises are in progress if possible.

Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department regrets any inconvenience the exercises may cause to local residents. The training in question is hot smoke training, which is required by law for firefighters who may be called on to carry out smoke-diving in the course of their work. The rescue department thanks Espoon Asunnot Oy for the opportunity to conduct rescue operations exercise in actual apartment building conditions.

A firefighter going inside a smoky house.

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