Rescue departments inspect shops in Uusimaa as the holiday season begins

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2020-11-23 15:41

During the holiday season, shops are filled with more items and people than usual. For this reason, safety requires special attention. The rescue authorities will, for example, inspect exit routes to ensure that they are not used as storage areas and that holiday advertisements and decorations do not cover any exit signs. They will also check whether fire extinguishing equipment can be easily deployed.

These inspections by the rescue departments are free of charge for the companies. They will take place during the holiday shopping season in late November and early December.

Familiarise seasonal employees with safety matters

The rescue departments in Uusimaa encourage all companies to familiarise the extra staff hired for the holiday season with safety matters. It is important that seasonal employees know the company’s key safety practices. The staff in charge of advertisements and holiday decorations must make sure that they do not cover any exit signs.

All staff members both inside and outside the store must ensure that no pallets, extra shelving or other items are stored in the exit routes or in front of emergency exits. In urgent emergencies, the customers must be able to use the nearest emergency exits. These routes are usually different from the routes that the customers normally use. Cooperation is the best way to ensure safety.

The rescue departments in Uusimaa encourage all shops and stores to promote a positive safety culture during the holiday shopping season. Have a successful and safe holiday season!

Helsinki City Rescue Department, Eastern Uusimaa Emergency Services Department, Keski-Uusimaa Department for Rescue Services and Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department