Restart a Heart Day

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2018-10-11 10:28

Restart a Heart Day October 16 2018 is a global initiative to raise awareness and education of CPR and AEDs.
This years theme is "All citizens of the world can save a life."

The Länsi-Uusimaa Department for Rescue Services and The Finnish Heart Association arrange two Restart a Heart Day events in Espoo on the 16th of October. The first event will be held in the shopping center Iso Omena's Palvelutori at 9-11 am. The second event is in the shopping center Sello at 12-18 pm. Come and learn resuscitation and how to use an AED!

Restart a heart in three simple steps:

  • Check the scene and the person. Make sure the scene is safe, then tap the person on the shoulder, ask if he/she is ok, and try to wake him/her up to ensure the person needs help.
  • Call emergency number 112 if it's evident that the person needs help. If there is an AED nearby, send someone to get it.
  • Open the airway. Turn the person on his back, tilt the head back slightly to lift the chin. Check for breathing. If there is no breathing begin resuscitation .
  • Place your hands, one on the top of the other, in the middle of the persons chest. Use your body weight to help you administer compressions. Push hard, push fast, at least 100 compressions per minute.
  • Continue until the emergency personnel arrives to the scene.

Instructions, The Finnish Red Cross

  • First aid, 
  • Public safety