The rescue service takes care of its core functions

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2020-03-16 15:27

The Länsi-Uusimaa rescue department has decided to increase the measures to counteract the spreading of the coronavirus and to protect our personnel.

Only necessary fire inspections will be performed, and they will be targeted at sites that do not have large numbers of people (e.g. industrial properties and warehouses).

Safety training that takes place at fire stations and arrangement of fire station visits are on break over the spring.

Any meetings with external partners and clients are held using remote meeting methods.

We are in contact with all customers with whom we have agreed meetings, fire inspections, training or visits with and inform them regarding cancellation or setting up a new date.

Emergency care and rescue operations continue as normal. Help can be reached by calling the emergency number 112. But do not call the emergency number just because you suspect you have been infected with the coronavirus. The emergency number can and should be dialed if there is an emergency that threatens life, health (e.g. shortness of breath caused by coronavirus), property or environment.

More information regarding the coronavirus and how to seek help can be found on THL and HUS homepages.

With these measures, we follow the instructions of our employer, the City of Espoo.

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